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Serve and Protect book Karel Costa-Armas, self-help, personal development, christian book, christian, police, army, military
Karel Costa, serve and protect, police book, self-help, personal development, life coach, tampa

Serve and Protect

Every Man's Duty To Take Action


This book is an asset for both young and seasoned students of success. For anyone who may feel “stuck” or at a crossroads in life, this just may be the medicine the doctor orders. Whether you've never picked up a self-help book or you're an experienced life coach, this easy to read personal journey is one for you to enjoy and share with friends. The reader will enjoy short stories they can relate to in order to better understand some of life’s most common lessons. The American dream of a happy and successful life is attainable if you are willing to pay the price along the way. The stories will allow the readers to see God's divine presence in their lives - both past and present. 



In this book you will: 

1- Learn to assess your past experiences and current difficulties to gain a deeper purpose behind them all. 

2- Enjoy short stories that you can relate to in order to better understand the lessons life teaches us all. 

3-Learn about personal struggles, what they meant to me, and what yours mean to you. 


4-Delve into the life of a young military man, police officer, and entrepreneur who overcame an array of challenges to improve his family’s life daily. 

5- Answer a number of questions at the end of each chapter to reflect on your life and what your destiny is to be. 

6- Recognize both good and bad influences throughout your life and how they've made you who you are today. 

7- See God's divine presence in your life both past and present. 

8- Have a greater faith in how you control what you think about and what you bring about. 

9- Implement better health and fitness habits into your life by reflecting on your current ones.



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