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As the home page states, I am a husband and father of four with a full time job and plenty of the same hectic lifestyle chores most of us encounter daily. The one passion I do have is fitness. I am not a bodybuilder or an extreme diet coach. I am however, a licensed Massage Therapist and a NASM certified personal trainer. I have 30+ years of experience with exercise and sports. As I acquire more experiences in this wonderful world, I want to help other men, women, moms and dads feel better and get their "sexy back".


A special message to the MEN out there- It's time to get fit and be AWESOME AGAIN !!!! Seriously guys, no more excuses. One of the latest pet peeves I have is this movement where being a "softy" is humorous. While I do love funny posts and memes, seeing men accept that they are fat and there's nothing they will do about is pretty disgusting. Men, your wives and children are looking to you for leadership. Your wife is in need of your strength; not just, emotional support. You must be the guy that is there to PROTECT and PROVIDE. Your kids are looking up to you now and modeling your habits. Let's do this and get rid of that extra weight that has crept up on you. Get YOUR awesomeness back, get your sexy back, be the man your family is expecting to see every single day. It's easier than you think. 

There is no doubt that there are daily challenges we all face that can sidetrack us from good habits. The holidays bring added temptations, the junk food people bring to the office, events with the kids, and dining out all bring before us extra calories that can add up quickly. Fortunately , there are also ways to assure you are progressing and achieving your best life without having to feel deprived of good times sharing with others.

So if you have decided to get real and committed, then make your decision to live a more energetic lifestyle. Send me an email at with your name, cell number, and main contact email. We can chat about your goals and challenges to come up with a plan for you.

If you are a lady that would prefer receiving advice from another woman, please go to my wife's site at 

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