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COA / HOA Management Services

Transparency At Every Level

Running a community association is like running a business. The best way for homeowners to protect their investment is by hiring a qualified licensed Community Association Manager. To a large extent, the success of any community association rests with its management and how the Board operates. Are you satisfied with how your community is running? 


Having delved deeply into HOA management for twelve years, law enforcement for eight years, and construction supervision, has guided me into being a well versed community association manager and advocate for the "good guys" out there. 

The right system in place at your HOA will guide the Board in running the property smoothly by:


• Developing association budgets and financial reports to ensure your association prepares for future expenses and communicates to homeowners how their assessment dollars are spent;


• Performing site inspections (sometimes daily) to evaluate your association’s grounds and common elements and ensure proper upkeep. This means that the manager should be willing to get involved and investigate problems adequately before simply taking a contractor’s word on a problem.


• Enforcing community association rules and restrictions fairly, equitably and reasonably


• Assisting Board Members in selecting contractors and insurance providers that can provide top-notch services for your association


• Overseeing and authorizing payment for services to ensure financial safeguards


• Promoting open communication, collaboration and community spirit within the association.


• Work closely with the Association’s Independent Accounting Firm and Legal Counsel to ensure all required laws are followed.


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